Bouncing Stone on Lake Erie

My wife took this picture when I was throwing some flat stones on the lake. Once you start throwing stones which bounces multiple times, its an addiction… 🙂 You want to keep throwing more and more and see that happen.

I like this picture a lot… It was nice to have the horizon in the picture too… the camera was on Sports Motion mode and took multiple shots to get this one good shot.

Sony A200 – 1/500S – F/9.0 – ISO 100

2 thoughts on “Bouncing Stone on Lake Erie

  1. Dear Goks! This is a spectacular shot! My husband is a whizz at bouncing stones off water. Mine just goes plop once 😀 I just wanted to say that I love your photos and the little stories that go with them. So happy to be connected to you and let’s keep in touch! Warmest greetings from Finland, Sharon

    • Thanks Sharon. I am really glad that you liked the pictures… Will sure keep in touch and am really looking forward to read and learn from your blogs.

      have a great day!

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