A little first aid

It was a beautiful morning. I was with my camera looking at the trees and plants in the back yard. My daughter was curiously asking what I was doing and I told her that am looking for something interesting to take a picture. Just as I was saying that, an ant started climbing up my daughter’s leg. She immediately pushed it down. I think the ant got hurt and could not walk…

ImageAmazingly another ant which was running fast just stopped. I have no idea how it knew a fellow soldier needs help. The ant which was hurt gently lifted his hand(leg) and touched the guy who has come to help. Almost as if explaining what just happened… 🙂 It was just the perfect thing I was looking to capture… Luckily I had my macro lens on.

By the time, I looked at my camera to check if I got the shot, a few other ants quickly stopped by and took the injured away. 

A leafy bed

This one of first few pics i took after returning back to India. Pic of a garden lizard sleeping nicely on a leaf…
We call this plant ‘Arali’ in Tamil (south indian language). I found out that this type of plant is called Nerium oleander in English.


sleeping lizard

The leaf is thin and lengthy. It was funny to see how the lizard has brought its limbs closer to its body to fit in the leaf. I don’t know if this is a common thing that lizards do or if its just this one trying to be innovative…