A little first aid

It was a beautiful morning. I was with my camera looking at the trees and plants in the back yard. My daughter was curiously asking what I was doing and I told her that am looking for something interesting to take a picture. Just as I was saying that, an ant started climbing up my daughter’s leg. She immediately pushed it down. I think the ant got hurt and could not walk…

ImageAmazingly another ant which was running fast just stopped. I have no idea how it knew a fellow soldier needs help. The ant which was hurt gently lifted his hand(leg) and touched the guy who has come to help. Almost as if explaining what just happened… πŸ™‚ It was just the perfect thing I was looking to capture… Luckily I had my macro lens on.

By the time, I looked at my camera to check if I got the shot, a few other ants quickly stopped by and took the injured away.Β 

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