The Sensations

I took this picture at Swallow Falls (near black water falls) during Fall 2010. This mountain park is located nine miles north of Oakland, Maryland, US and contains some breathtaking scenery.

A few yards ahead of falls, there were patches of water like this one… the shape and size of this one was perfect to take reflection from the trees with fall colors… It took a little bit of an effort to get that angle… But when I got down at that level with a tripod, it just came out perfect.

Sony A200 – 1/125S – f/4.5 – ISO 100

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The Statue of Liberty

I took this shot when we visited NYC last summer. Like many who visit NYC, I did take a lot of pics of the statue. But I liked this one the best than the traditional frames. I was consciously looking for different views of the Statue. Luckily  with a gentle breeze this nice space opened up from behind and I got this.

Please click the image for better clarity.

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Mom And Me In This Beautiful World

Mom’s day special pic from me… I shot this pic at Lake Erie almost a year back… I love this shot simply because it somehow has an emotional appeal to it… A pic that my daughter and wife would thank me a few years later I guess. This would most certainly be a part of my cherished photos…

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The Show Off Bug

I found this bug in the terrace… at first I thought it is some piece of paper with some drawing… With a closer look I realized it is a bug with a beautiful design on its wings. So no waiting, got my macro and shot this pic…


The design simply amazes me… It is the same design done in perfect symmetry on both the wings.  It could be interpreted as so many different ways… African Art/Painting, Halloween pumpkin carving, etc… How do we explain such wonderful artwork on bugs… I mean Seriously!!!

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Waiting for a new life

Since my childhood the process of butterfly metamorphosis has always fascinated me. It is absolutely amazing how an egg turns into a caterpillar which then hibernates in the form of a pupa and then turns into a colorful butterfly. It is interesting how, as a caterpillar this faces so many challenges from the predators and suddenly after becoming a butterfly its a lot easy to escape from them because it can fly. I wonder, if after becoming a butterfly these realize what they have been through to become a butterfly…

I took this macro shot in the garden. f/4.5; 1/50S; ISO 320 (Click on the image to expand and see the details in the picture)

The butterfly inside this pupa is waiting to see the world again… 🙂