7 Wonders of the World in Chennai India

Spell Bound presents 7 Wonders of the world @ Island Grounds, Chennai India. We visited this place last week and it actually not bad. It was a good effort.

The only disappointing wonder was the Great Wall of China. The actual walk way leading to each of the wonder was apparently the Wall but I did not realize that until I asked someone. Here are the pics of 7 wonders from Chennai.

The Entrance

The Rome Coliseum

Christ the Redeemer – Brazil

El Castillo – Yucatan

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Statue of Liberty

Taj Mahal the Great – This is the highlight of the show. They had done a fantastic job with this one.

One view covering most of the 7 wonders

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Washington DC Capitol Hill

I Shot this picture of the Capitol Hill during my visit to DC in 2011. Like many who visit the US or aspire to visit the US, going to Washington DC and taking a glimpse of the Capitol Hill was a dream for me and it came true. All said and done, there is a vibe around this place. It is like a signature of the United States… I took several shots of this building, but this one is my favorite…

Washington DC

Click on the image for better clarity

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