Leaves that are as beautiful as flowers

I have always thought that leaves do not get the importance they deserve when they are in the middle of flowers. Leaves typically steal the show during fall season. But here are some leaves which caught my attention and gave the flowers a stiff competition. I shot them at the Phipps conservatory – Pittsburgh.

I liked the kind of details that these leaves showed with all the veins running through them. The color was really attractive too..


This one was quite interesting too.. These leaves were like folded fingers and how you slowly unfold them. This one was in the process getting completely unfolded.


What I liked about this one was that the two sides were perfectly symmetrical


The following one actually tricked me a bit. I actually thought that these were flowers. A volunteer out there in the conservatory told me that these were actually leaves and I realized that when I got down and took a closer look. The color was amazing I was glad I had a macro lens.


The next one is interesting too… I actually walked past this one and did not catch my attention at the first sight. Later when I looked at it while walking back, I actually thought these looked like a stair case with steps.


Please click on the images for greater clarity.

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear your comments. 🙂

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