Mysore Brindavan Garden

Here are some pics of the Mysore Brindavan Garden. We stayed at The Royal Orchid hotel which is right at the garden’s entrance. The balconies of the room face the garden… Its a beautiful view early in the morning and the night.

The following is a Panoramic view from our room’s balcony. I had to take 5 shots and stitched them together in photoshop.

Panoramic view from Balcony

I am actually obsessed with panoramic views for some reason… Here is another one of the garden standing exactly in front of the garden facing it.

Onlook Panorama

Here are some pics from the musical fountains at the garden in the night.

Musical Fountain 1

Musical Fountain 2

Musical Fountain 3

Musical fountain 4

The following is not a musical fountain. But it is in the middle of park and is the highlight of the park besides the musical fountain ofcourse.


I hope you liked the pics…

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