Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon from top of empire state building

The moment I saw this subject line for the weekly photo challenge, my first choice was to pick up a photo my beach collection. But since many others may have similar ones, I chose this. I took several pics from top of The Empire State Building, NYC and stitched them into a single panoramic view.  You can see how the sky meets the earth. “Click on the picture for better clarity”

Empire State Building

Empire State Building


Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite people and flowers

I took these at the cherry blossom festival in Washington DC. You will only see people and flowers everywhere… It is a must watch.

Washington Monument - cherry blossom festival

Washington Monument – cherry blossom festival


Flume Gorge NH Waterfalls

We visited New Hampshire over the weekend and walked up to the Flume Gorge waterfalls. Actually I would name it Flume ‘Gorgeous’. This place is stunning. It is a must visit place during fall.

I am going to post a series of pics from there and here are a couple of Waterfalls and Water stream pics. Hope you like them.

Water Falls 1

Water Falls 1

Main Falls - FlumeGorge

Main Falls – FlumeGorge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

A macro shot of a new leaf coming out… Took this at Phipps conservatory, Pittsburgh. Was not sure if the beautiful morning light was welcoming this new leaf to life or if the new life was welcoming the beautiful morning… 🙂

Beautiful Leaf

Beautiful Leaf