Seagulls on a swimming race

Took these shots at Houghton’s Pond, Milton MA. These guys were taking a dip and cleaning themselves but it kind of looked like they are on a swimming race.



No time to relax

One of the things that fascinate me during the spring and summer time is how much work some of these animals do to gather food to keep them going during the winter. I read somewhere that a honeybee has to visit approximately 2 million flowers to gather just 1 pound of honey. They are just always on the go and no time to relax. It is just mind boggling. All the more reason why I never feel enough of the honey bee pictures.



Birdy Birdy Couple

Well looking at this pictures, I know what you are thinking… Well it is not what you are thinking… 🙂 Read along….

I found some birds where collecting food… But there were a couple who am sure were a couple. The one which looks a little plump actually was walking along his wife and letting her drop the food she is collecting into his mouth… I am sure they were collecting food for their kids back in the nest…  Here are a couple of more pics..