No time to relax

One of the things that fascinate me during the spring and summer time is how much work some of these animals do to gather food to keep them going during the winter. I read somewhere that a honeybee has to visit approximately 2 million flowers to gather just 1 pound of honey. They are just always on the go and no time to relax. It is just mind boggling. All the more reason why I never feel enough of the honey bee pictures.




Am beautiful, harmless and yet you hate me

Its spring time, the most beautiful time of the year and there are flowers everywhere. Most of you humans living in America are feeling finally relieved from the horrible winter. You are finally out wearing spring clothes and flip flops and feeling the freshness in the air. One would think, that this is the best time of the year for the plants and flowers too. They look beautiful, everyone admires them… The bees are always around them and they feel wanted.
Dandelion 1

But look at me. Am I not beautiful? You ‘the humans’ call me ‘weeeeeeeeed’ despite me having a better name “Dandelion” (which is again something that you did… By nature I don’t really have a name and nor do I care).

Why do you humans hate me?

It is insulting enough that you guys walk around taking pictures of other flowers and completely ignore me… “Hello! I am here… guess I am a flower too…” But to make things worse you go to a store, buy poison to kill me and my family year after year.Whats up with you guys? Why do you do that? Don’t give me this lame excuse that I have pollen and that you are allergic. Nonsense! There is pollen everywhere in this season.

Based on the little analysis I have been able to do (given the fact you haven’t given me much time to live and think), I think the only reason why you guys hate me is because I grow by myself without any effort from you. That pisses you off…  To make things worse for you, I grow wherever I want to. Year after year, despite having a whole industry out there to kill me, I come back up again… I think that hurts your EGO… Yes I said it people… its your EGO…

You just like controlling everything. You want to plant the flowers you like to grow and where you want them to grow and even if it means you have to pay money to do so, you rather do that, instead of letting someone like me grow naturally.


If only I was not growing naturally and a rare species, you will be paying money to buy me for your lawn. I will be in botanical gardens and people visiting me for spring flower shows… You will bring you expensive macro lenses mounted on DSLR cameras to take pictures of me and share it with the world and getting a 1000 likes on your Facebook account.

For a moment stop thinking of me as a weed. Look at these pictures that one of your fellow human has taken. With a lush green grass background my bright yellow color would look stunning (if you think of it that way).

If you don’t tell your little children that I am a weed and that I have to be killed, they would not. I have seen many kids come to me with curiosity and admire my beauty. Don’t pass on your perception or hatred for me over to your children.

You don’t have to seed me nor feed me … But just don’t kill me.

PS: I am native to America unlike most of you who are immigrants who came to this country from the rest of the world. So some respect for the native please…


oakleaf hydrangea

One of the flower plants that exist all over our apartment complex is this one. I found that its called the oakleave hydrangea. Aparently the word Hydrangea comes from Latin for “water jar”. It truly looks like a water jar. Also including some macro pics.

All set to attract visitors

Standing Tall and all set to attract visitors

Honey Bee getting in to collect some nectar

Honey Bee getting in to collect some nectar

Double Attack - 2 honey bees trying to get in

Double Attack – 2 honey bees trying to get in

An up closer look. Macro Shot filling the frame with white on one half

An up closer look. Macro Shot filling the frame with white on one half

Flower which was milk white has turned into pinkish green

Flower which was milk white has turned into pinkish green

Macro shot of the same flower - pinkish

Macro shot of the same flower – pinkish