Watching Sunrise from Mount Washington, NH

We visited Mount Washington over the past weekend. 3 days in summer they open up the Auto road early in the morning for public to drive up and watch the sunrise from there. One of most beautiful spectacle I have ever seen… Here are some pics I clicked from up there.. The twilight before the sunrise was just too good and of course the sunrise was a beauty in itself… Hope you enjoy the pics.

Twilight before sunrise 1

Twilight before sunrise 1

Twilight before sunrise 1

Twilight before sunrise 2

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 2

Sunrise 2


Am beautiful, harmless and yet you hate me

Its spring time, the most beautiful time of the year and there are flowers everywhere. Most of you humans living in America are feeling finally relieved from the horrible winter. You are finally out wearing spring clothes and flip flops and feeling the freshness in the air. One would think, that this is the best time of the year for the plants and flowers too. They look beautiful, everyone admires them… The bees are always around them and they feel wanted.
Dandelion 1

But look at me. Am I not beautiful? You ‘the humans’ call me ‘weeeeeeeeed’ despite me having a better name “Dandelion” (which is again something that you did… By nature I don’t really have a name and nor do I care).

Why do you humans hate me?

It is insulting enough that you guys walk around taking pictures of other flowers and completely ignore me… “Hello! I am here… guess I am a flower too…” But to make things worse you go to a store, buy poison to kill me and my family year after year.Whats up with you guys? Why do you do that? Don’t give me this lame excuse that I have pollen and that you are allergic. Nonsense! There is pollen everywhere in this season.

Based on the little analysis I have been able to do (given the fact you haven’t given me much time to live and think), I think the only reason why you guys hate me is because I grow by myself without any effort from you. That pisses you off…  To make things worse for you, I grow wherever I want to. Year after year, despite having a whole industry out there to kill me, I come back up again… I think that hurts your EGO… Yes I said it people… its your EGO…

You just like controlling everything. You want to plant the flowers you like to grow and where you want them to grow and even if it means you have to pay money to do so, you rather do that, instead of letting someone like me grow naturally.


If only I was not growing naturally and a rare species, you will be paying money to buy me for your lawn. I will be in botanical gardens and people visiting me for spring flower shows… You will bring you expensive macro lenses mounted on DSLR cameras to take pictures of me and share it with the world and getting a 1000 likes on your Facebook account.

For a moment stop thinking of me as a weed. Look at these pictures that one of your fellow human has taken. With a lush green grass background my bright yellow color would look stunning (if you think of it that way).

If you don’t tell your little children that I am a weed and that I have to be killed, they would not. I have seen many kids come to me with curiosity and admire my beauty. Don’t pass on your perception or hatred for me over to your children.

You don’t have to seed me nor feed me … But just don’t kill me.

PS: I am native to America unlike most of you who are immigrants who came to this country from the rest of the world. So some respect for the native please…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon from top of empire state building

The moment I saw this subject line for the weekly photo challenge, my first choice was to pick up a photo my beach collection. But since many others may have similar ones, I chose this. I took several pics from top of The Empire State Building, NYC and stitched them into a single panoramic view.  You can see how the sky meets the earth. “Click on the picture for better clarity”

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Black Water Falls, WV

These are pictures of the one of most beautiful places to visit during the summer/fall season – BlackWater falls, WV. I took these a couple of years back.

There are several falls in this park and here is a shot of the main falls. I have taken this with some additional exposure to give it that look.

Blackwater falls - Main Falls Exposed shot

Blackwater falls – Main Falls Exposed shot

This next picture is a close-up panorama – I took several zoom shots of the falls and stitched them together. So click on the picture to get up close to see the details.

Close-up Panorama

Close-up Panorama

The following is a long shot panorama of the water falls from the wooden steps from a distance.. Again had taken a few pictures and put them together.

Main falls - Long shot panorama

Main falls – Long shot panorama

Thanks for visiting and I hope you liked the pics. Would love to hear from you so leave a note.

Flight Crossing The Moon

Flight Crossing The Moon

I missed an opportunity to take a shot like this 2 yrs back when I was taking pics of a full moon. I repented it so badly. But last weekend, I got that opportunity one more time and I grabbed it… Moon by itself is a great subject to shoot, when flights cross the moon, its even better. Hope you like it.

7 Wonders of the World in Chennai India

Spell Bound presents 7 Wonders of the world @ Island Grounds, Chennai India. We visited this place last week and it actually not bad. It was a good effort.

The only disappointing wonder was the Great Wall of China. The actual walk way leading to each of the wonder was apparently the Wall but I did not realize that until I asked someone. Here are the pics of 7 wonders from Chennai.

The Entrance

The Rome Coliseum

Christ the Redeemer – Brazil

El Castillo – Yucatan

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Statue of Liberty

Taj Mahal the Great – This is the highlight of the show. They had done a fantastic job with this one.

One view covering most of the 7 wonders

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Please do leave your comment. I would love to hear from you. Cheers!