Caught Squirrel handed

A Squirrel eating the tomatoes in our patio. 🙂 He/She was the one making all the mess… Am going to the animal court… 🙂



Birdy Birdy Couple

Well looking at this pictures, I know what you are thinking… Well it is not what you are thinking… 🙂 Read along….

I found some birds where collecting food… But there were a couple who am sure were a couple. The one which looks a little plump actually was walking along his wife and letting her drop the food she is collecting into his mouth… I am sure they were collecting food for their kids back in the nest…  Here are a couple of more pics..

The Show Off Bug

I found this bug in the terrace… at first I thought it is some piece of paper with some drawing… With a closer look I realized it is a bug with a beautiful design on its wings. So no waiting, got my macro and shot this pic…


The design simply amazes me… It is the same design done in perfect symmetry on both the wings.  It could be interpreted as so many different ways… African Art/Painting, Halloween pumpkin carving, etc… How do we explain such wonderful artwork on bugs… I mean Seriously!!!

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