Caught Squirrel handed

A Squirrel eating the tomatoes in our patio. 🙂 He/She was the one making all the mess… Am going to the animal court… 🙂



Birdy Birdy Couple

Well looking at this pictures, I know what you are thinking… Well it is not what you are thinking… 🙂 Read along….

I found some birds where collecting food… But there were a couple who am sure were a couple. The one which looks a little plump actually was walking along his wife and letting her drop the food she is collecting into his mouth… I am sure they were collecting food for their kids back in the nest…  Here are a couple of more pics..

Pic of the week Giraffe

Giraffe @ Pittsburgh Zoo


Sony A200 – F5.6 – 1/500S – ISO 320

We visited the Pittsburgh Zoo over the weekend (07/24/2011). I got some really good shots. This is one of my favorites. This Giraffe is one of the 3 at the zoo… She had saliva dripping out of her mouth… Although it does not look cute on humans, it did kind of looked cute on an animal like Giraffe… I hope you like it… Pls return back next week for another wild encounter..