Weekly Photo challenge: Joy(ful) Sea Lion

The moment I read the topic for this week’s photo challenge, I knew I was going to post these pics.. I took them at Pittsburgh Zoo a few years back… It was summer… That seal was for sure joyful and thankful for the nice sun and the beautiful water fountain.


Joy 1


Weekly Photo Challenge Thankful

Weekly Photo Challenge Thankful

I took this picture at the Pittsburgh Zoo in 2010. This Sea Lion was just out of the cold water, looking up at the Sun and was as if he was thanking the sun for a beautiful morning.

Pic of the week Polar Bear

This is one of the pics I shot at the PPG aquarium – Pittsburgh Zoo. The polar bears are very playful & fun to watch.. he was playing with a big piece of wood trying to push it down while the wood kept going back up. The aquarium has a nice underwater walk through. I took this pic looking up. Hope you like it…

Sony A200 – 1/400S – F4.5 – ISO 100

Polar Bear @ PPG Aquarium

Pic of the week Giraffe

Giraffe @ Pittsburgh Zoo


Sony A200 – F5.6 – 1/500S – ISO 320

We visited the Pittsburgh Zoo over the weekend (07/24/2011). I got some really good shots. This is one of my favorites. This Giraffe is one of the 3 at the zoo… She had saliva dripping out of her mouth… Although it does not look cute on humans, it did kind of looked cute on an animal like Giraffe… I hope you like it… Pls return back next week for another wild encounter..