Beautiful Orchid at Phipps conservatory

Every year during spring, the Pittsburgh Phipps conservatory hosts the spring flower show. It is simply a feast for your eyes. There is one whole section for orchid flowers at the conservatory. I took this picture using my macro sony 30mm macro lense. The ‘wild look’ inside this flower was not so obvious from any other angle.

Let me know what you think…

Sony A200 – 30 mm macro – 1/125s – f/5.6

Pic Of The Week Guess What!

I took this picture at the Simon and Jude School carnival. This is an interesting shot and I want you guys to first take a guess and tell me what you think this picture is. I will give you a clue – It was taken with a slightly slower shutter speed (over exposed), taken later in the evening with little light and it is a moving object…

Pic of the week Fall 2011 Pic 1

I took this picture at Swallow Falls (near black water falls) during Fall 2010. This mountain park is located nine miles north of Oakland, Maryland, US and contains some breathtaking scenery.

A few yards ahead of falls, there were patches of water like this one… the shape and size of this one was perfect to take reflection from the trees with fall colors… It took a little bit of an effort to get that angle… But when I got down at that level with a tripod, it just came out perfect.

Sony A200 – 1/125S – f/4.5 – ISO 100

Trees reflection in water

Pic of the week Polar Bear

This is one of the pics I shot at the PPG aquarium – Pittsburgh Zoo. The polar bears are very playful &¬†fun to watch.. he was playing with a big piece of wood trying to push it down while the wood kept going back up. The aquarium has a nice underwater walk through. I took this pic looking up. Hope you like it…

Sony A200 – 1/400S – F4.5 – ISO 100

Polar Bear @ PPG Aquarium